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About Katoa

Katoa in Te Reo Māori means entirely, everything, and everyone. It was the meaning of the word Katoa that led us on our own journey to become Katoa Jet. A place where you can go to uncover all of Rotorua’s history, culture, and thrills on and off the water.

Our dedicated and professional team have thrilled visitors from across New Zealand, and the globe, providing a mix of speed, spins and adrenaline with local history, a visit to iconic landmarks and tales from years gone by. If you're looking for something different that will both inspire and impress your group then don't look past us.

We have special rates for group bookings, conference or incentive groups, cruise ships and work functions. We understand that you may have something more personal in mind, or want to save time and be picked up from your Lakeside location. We are happy to discuss any personlisation to your trip and offer you an unforgettable experience.

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Our Team

Willow (Guard Dog)

Willow is the first face that will greet you here at Katoa. She loves long walks on the lakefront and left overs from lunch. When asked what her favorite lake conditions are to go Jet Boating, she said 'ROUGH'

Harriet (The Boss)

Harriet is the "Big Boss" around here and is in charge of all things Katoa. As a Managing Director she keeps everyone in check, and ensures everything runs smoothly. If you couldn't tell she is English from her accent, you only need to see how many cups of tea she drinks per day. 

Will (2IC)

Will is the company’s Head Driver and one of the Managing Directors. He is responsible for all driver training, safety, and maintenance of the boats and equipment. If you are out on a trip with Will, don't feel like you have to laugh at his jokes. They never get any better and it only encourages him.

Bex (Driver)

It is safe to say that Bex was born to boat! She has been around them her entire life, loves being on the water sharing this beautiful place with you. As a previous Wake instructor, we are yet to see her Wake Board behind the Jet Boat, but you never know!

Apollo (Driver)

Apollo loves getting out and spinning around in our Jet Boats and sharing this area with our visitors. He is very passionate about Rotorua and really enjoys sharing some of his ever increasing knowledge to you. You only need to see how much he is smiling to know how much you will be too during your Jet Boat ride!

Our Jet Boats

With a total carrying capacity of 50 people per trip, Katoa Jet is the perfect choice for your group or team building exercise. Our high powered Jet Boats are designed and built specifically for use on Lake Rotorua and uphold the highest level of safety and reliability.


Purpose built Jet Boat by Mackraft specifically for use in the conditions of Lake Rotorua. This boat runs a 350ci Mercruiser Scorpion V8 Motor with a Hamilton 212 Jet Unit and is built to carry up to 11 passengers. This wee boat has a total power rating of 330HP (246KW) and will propel you across the water at speeds of up to 85km/h.


This is the newest boat in our fleet and is packed with amazing technology. This is the only Commercial Jet Boat in NZ to run a motor based on Ford's legendary XR6 Turbo Engine with a Hamilton 212 Jet Unit. It too was built for use in Lake Rotorua's ever changing conditions and performs amazingly. This boat is built to carry up to 22 passengers and has a power rating of 500HP (372KW). It too will blast you to speeds of up to 85km/h


This Jet Boat is the biggest in our fleet and is powered by two Mercruiser Scorpion 377ci V8 engines providing a combined power of 700HP (521KW), coupled by two Hamilton 212 Jet Units. It is designed and built jointly by Mackraft and KJET Queenstown to be the world's very first "Twin Engine" Commercial Jet Boat to be developed. This technology is now widely used across the Jet Boating industry. This boat has a carrying capacity of up to 28 passengers and will also reach speeds of up to 85km per hour. 


All our Jet Boats are equipped with extensive safety equipment on-board to ensure your safety against all possible scenarios. Each year they undergo a safety audit with Maritime NZ, and Katoa Jet upholds a strict maintenance program on the vessels in accordance with Maritime NZ. This is to ensure they are always in the safest possible condition to operate.


Katoa Jet supply all customers with life jackets to ensure their safety. These MUST be able to be worn appropriately to board our Jet Boats. We also supply spray jackets that are optional but are highly recommended, especially in the winter months.


As a locally owned New Zealand business we live, work and play in a precious place and we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to look after it, now and for future generations. Below are just some of the actions we have undertaken to improve the sustainability of our operation.

Our tours incorporate the most incredible cultural and historical knowledge of Rotorua and we constantly review this information, learning more as a team from the local Iwi and Trusts to expand the knowledge we pass on to our visitors.

We recycle as much of our plant and materials as possible. All the waste oil from our boats and tow vehicles is collected and recycled with a local oil recycling company, as well as our batteries. All scrap metal from our boats and maintenance programme is either reused by us or recycled.

Katoa along with Infomotive and other local suppliers have spent the last few years pioneering the use of an XR6 Turbo engine in one of our Jet Boats. After considerable RnD, this engine has proven to be safe, efficient and reliable. This engine weighs 180kgs less than the previously used V8 engine and produces more power whilst using 25% less fuel. These engines are sourced locally out of crashed vehicles destined for scrap and we will be working in the next few years to introduce these engines to our entire boat fleet.

We are constantly working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint and work alongside Rotorua Sustainable Charter, Qualmark New Zealand, New Zealand Tourism Sustainability etc. to ensure we are doing our part for future generations.