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Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools - $40 off Adults every Saturday at 1pm
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Katoa (Entirely) Lake Rotorua

Katoa means everything

History, Adrenaline, Native Wildlife, Untouched Beauty. All are waiting for you on Lake Rotorua and Mokoia Island. Whether it's the thrill of jet boating, discovering Mokoia Island's ancient history, or cruising through a crater lake, you'll be amazed and captivated by the history, wildlife and spins on and off the water.

Feel the Thrill

Excitement and exhilaration on Lake Rotorua

V8 engines to feel the ROAR. 360° turns to feel the SPRAY. Epic rides with this THRILLING speed & spins jet boating, incorporated with the incredible history of Lake Rotorua itself!

Speed & Spins


V8 power. 360 turns. Adrenaline junkie ride

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Katoa means everyone

Beauty and Māori history, wrapped in a love story and war, sit in the heart of Lake Rotorua. Majestic Mokoia Island, has it all and is waiting for you to explore. Native flora, fauna and wildlife are in abundance, shown to you by a local guide. Stroll around this untouched sanctuary, taking a step back in time and feeling the presence of our Māori ancestors.

Discover the Culture

Uncover an ancient wildlife sanctuary with deeply rooted Māori history

Bird watching, Māori Culture and Geothermal activity all await for you on Mokoia Island. Transfer by Jet Boat, we will quickly whisk you over for the guided tour of this majestic sanctuary.

Mokoia Island Tour by Jet Boat


Discover the cultural beauty that is Mokoia Island by Jet Boat

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Take a moment

Steeped in history, Lake Rotorua can only be described as magical. This crater lake, with geothermal activity surrounding it, is a space to unwind and welcome nature for all its beauty. Cruise to majestic Mokoia Island, in the heart of Lake Rotorua, where you'll discover an abundant wildlife sanctuary wrapped in Māori culture.

Cruise on the Lake

Relax and unwind in an unspoiled pocket of paradise

Unwind and admire the beautiful scenery while we cruise on Lake Rotorua through the channel to Lake Rotoiti, where you can enjoy a hot soak at Manupirua Hot Springs.

Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools


Cruise to Lake Rotoiti Manupirua Hot Springs for a hot soak.

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